Green Solution

Innovation at its best, the e-Studio 307LP is a unique office system which uses erasable blue toner. Regular office paper can be reused and consumption reduced by up to 90%.

We often print documents even though we know that they will not be needed for long. Sometimes we even print documents knowing that they will be thrown away within a few minutes or hours. Just think of all the documents that are printed out as a reminder, or to proof-read before sending. For these non-permanent documents the E-STUDIO307LP is the perfect solution.

Toshiba has developed a system which will change the way we print. Instead of throwing away prints which are not needed anymore, you can now erase and reuse the paper.


Toshiba E-Studio Next Series.

Communicate information more effectively and more efficiently beyond simple “print”.

Enjoy the same advanced technology across a range of multi function systems.

Custom user interface to suit your personal needs.

Improve your efficiency thanks to the unique user experience.